Army Surplus Auctions


While many people search for army surplus items individually in stores, if you’re trying to outfit an entire company, you might want to consider one of the auctions instead. Not only is the price lower, but you can buy items wholesale or in bulk, allowing you to acquire enough products for friends and family, as well as yourself. This can be incredibly enticing if you are a prepper or part of a paramilitary group.

If you’re interested in the more robust side of military surplus, an auction is where you’ll find the modified military vehicles, heavy machinery, power generators, and other such items, as well.

Not only can you find items specific to the military, but you can also acquire any surplus the government has on offer, which consists of things they cannot donate, such as office furniture, kitchen equipment, medical supplies, etc.

So how do these auctions work, and where can you find them? Read ahead to find out.

The US Government

The General Services Administration (GSA) is running the bidding website for the US Government surplus.  This is where you can find everything from medical equipment to fire trucks, heavy-duty machinery, and cars. They have particular rules about payments and the bidding process, so be sure to read up on their website before opening an account with them. They also list the surplus auctions by state, allowing you to find the ones closest to you or, if possible, inform you where to travel to get the items you’re looking for during an auction.

At first glance, GovPlanet can seem a bit iffy, but they have the inline on military supplies through the Defense Logistics Agency. Each of their items is vetted before being put up for auction, so you can rest assured you’re getting what you pay for from them. They provide certificates of inspection for each of their items, as well. The auctions are dated, and you can view which items will be available during those times. Pretty much anything you can think of is available, from dozens of tents to plastic training weapons and government-issued humvees and ITVs.

A sister site to GovPlanet, IronPlanet also carries many verified government surplus items, but they tend to be the more significant kind. These are the military bobcats, busses, dump trucks, and utility vehicles. Similarly, if you’re looking for military-grade power generators and toolboxes, this is your go-to. In addition to government surplus, they also sell surplus from other sectors, so if you want farming, mining, or forestry equipment, construction tools, or Mach trucks, check them out. The Defense Logistics Agency lists IronPlanet as their rolling inventory website, meaning you should check it often, or you might miss something.

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