Top Tips for Prepping for Christmas


My Christmas planning…
The TV commercial breaks have been getting more and more festive throughout November. Now that Christmas is quickly coming, I am intensifying my own preparations. Actually, I don’t start with Christmas buying; it comes at the end of the preparation process.

Christmas Sale
First Step: Cleanup

I like to thoroughly clean out my home at the end of October.

I make decisions regarding each item.

There is a choice between:

Save it.
Discard it (or recycle if possible).

I no longer need it, but it might be valuable to someone else, so I should give it away.

Selling it I have goods on my Vinted profile right now.

The idea is that I will have made some space before any new stuff, such as clothing or devices,

enter the house. It allows me to see things that are worn out and broken. It might inspire me to add some items to my Christmas list

I find it more and more challenging to answer the question of what I want Santa to bring me each year.

Nowadays, don’t we all have all we require?

Without a doubt, charities will be pleased to accept the items you no longer need. If organizations in your area ask for nearly-new toys for various causes, especially around Christmas, you’ll already have them packaged up!

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