How to Find or Buy Collector Coins


If you are starting on your coin collecting journey, it can be hard to decipher the best places to locate or purchase your coins. You don’t want to end up with a fake specimen or pay more than it’s worth. For this reason, we have compiled a list of ways to buy, with tips on finding them yourself. Keep in mind, a coin’s value is based upon how much a collector is willing to pay based on historical value, error strikes, rarity, and significance.

US Mint Catalog

If you are looking for complete sets of uncirculated coinage, the US Mint Catalog is a great place to start. They sell specific years in very nice displays that you can use as gifts or add to your collection. Remember, many coins you collect will have significance to you, not merely be worth a tremendous amount of money.

Coin Seller Database

The US Mint also keeps a database of available mint condition billion base coins for sale through dealers. You can find these official sellers through the US Mint website and search by location. There are numerous locations throughout the United States that you can purchase these coins from, but keep in mind that you’ll still want proof of authenticity and check the worth of each coin against recorded prices.

Private Sellers

With verified authenticity paperwork, such as professional grading, purchasing from a private seller is an excellent route. They’re often selling entire collections at a time, and you will have many to choose from. However, if they do not have proof of authenticity, request they have it done before you purchase.

Coin Clubs

Verified by the US Treasury department, one way to buy or trade coins is through coin clubs. Coin collecting is a popular pastime, and the American Numismatic Association keeps an updated list of coin clubs you can join. Their directory allows you to search for local clubs by area, name, and specific interest. Once you find a coin club, feel free to ask them about reputable coin dealers near you.

Auction Houses

Some of the rarest specimens can be found in auctions, and these almost always come with verification. If you have saved up money for a specific coin, check reputable auction houses for their upcoming lists. Remember, however, that these are based on bidding, so you might end up paying more than the coin’s worth.


Not all valuable and rare coins are in collections. Many people don’t look closely at their currency and notice its significance, leaving several of these coins in circulation. You can find them in bankrolls or change received at a store. Learn to recognize pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters of historical importance, and always check your coinage for errors, as this makes them more valuable.

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