How to Purchase Medical Supplies in Bulk


When planning for an emergency, it’s essential to consider that access to medical care is not guaranteed. Therefore, it’s best to be prepared by having medical supplies on hand that you can use to help the injured and sick. Having a first aid kit is great for short emergencies, but if it becomes a long-term issue, you’re going to need a lot more than that small bag can hold. Thankfully, many companies sell medical supplies in bulk that you can purchase and stockpile. Here are several stores that are well vetted and well-stocked.


One of the largest medical wholesale suppliers in the market, McKesson is your go-to for quality supplies. They have over 300,000 products in their catalog, from post-acute care supplies and emergency medical products to home medical equipment; you can get it all. They promise quick delivery with high accuracy and have a 100% guarantee of the quality of their products. If you’re looking for a name brand you trust, this is the best choice.

Medical Wholesale

A wholesale medical distributor located in Austin, Texas, the list of supplies they offer from their warehouse is over 7,000. However, they are also a distributor for many other medical companies and can easily acquire anything you are looking for at a reasonable wholesale price. They offer both generic and name-brand items, allowing you to obtain what you want and need without having to pay the maximum amount. Gauze is gauze, whether you recognize the company that made it or not. They’ve been in business since 1938 and have an excellent BBB rating.

DDP Medical

What first started as a diabetes testing supply distributor in 1998 has quickly become one of the prominent names in the market for medical supplies. They offer a bevy of items, ranging from wound care to urology and emergency supplies, and work with many of the same distributors that other wholesalers offer, including Abbot, 3M, and Trividia. Customers rave about their service and ease of ordering.

Dollar Days

If you need to get supplies on a budget, Dollar Days is the solution. While they don’t have top-of-the-line equipment, they sell most of the basic supplies you’ll need at a rock bottom price. They also specifically cater to those interested in emergency preparedness, providing clean-up supplies for disasters, home and family recovery units, and long-lasting food supplies in bulk. They also allow you to buy as much or as little as you need of each item. Many wholesalers require you to buy a certain amount of each item, or they won’t ship it out. Thankfully, Dollar Days understands that you might only need two blood pressure cuffs with your order of 8,000 gloves. They’re a one-stop-shop for your emergency medical supply needs.

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