Patriotic Apparel


We feel pride in our country.  Some of us have had the chance to stand by our country by joining one of the armed services and defending it.  Some of those have paid the supreme sacrifice with their lives.  Many more of us have either not had the opportunity to defend this country or decided later in life how much this country means to them and wish to show it.

This country was founded by relatively few people in 13 American colonies who wanted the freedom to conduct their own affairs.  They did not want a foreign power to decide when they should be conscripted, how much taxed to pay, how to worship or who to  give allegiance to.

They felt that all men were created equal and were granted inalienable rights(rights that could not be taken away)  They fought to defend that freedom and successfully won  it in the War for Independence of 1776 and defended it in the War of 1812.  It was the first time that a victorious general, George Washington, voluntarily relinquished power in 1783.  When he was elected president and reelected, he set a precedent by refusing to stay in power after that.  This later became a constitutional amendment. They recognized early that their freedoms could easily be stripped away and provided a Bill of Rights to prevent that from happening, which makes us different than any other democracy.

We recognize that changes were needed.  The framers made that possible.  These changes removed slavery and enable people of both sexes to vote.

Winston Churchill said “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the other ones.”

Patriotic apparel enables us to show our devotion to this great nation. It allows us to appreciate the sacrifices made by Americans, the protections it has given us: to worship as we please, to speak as we please, to defend ourselves, to work to earn a living, to love, to raise a family without interference from the state, to study, to travel, and to prosper.

No matter how rich or poor you are, you value your country above personal gain.

Patriotic Apparel tells everyone that you are PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.

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