Rare Comic Books


If you’re a comic book collector, you never know what you’re going to find. People who don’t know comics tend to lump them all together and sell them at garage sales and flea markets without ever considering that some can be worth millions of dollars. Let’s go over the rarest comic books on record, and one day, maybe you’ll find one for a steal!

Action Comics #1 – Introduction of Superman

Known as the first true comic on record, the first issue from 1938 can go for over $3 million in the right market. Even though they were mass-produced, it’s believed that there are fewer than a hundred still in existence due to the amount of love they received from children across the nation. Pristine conditions are even rarer. If you happen to find one in your collection, be sure to have it appraised by a professional. You want insurance on it immediately.

Detective Comics #27 – Introduction of Batman

A year after comics took off in 1938, DC introduced the beloved character, Batman. An original issue sold for over $2.1 million, as there are less than 200 known copies globally. Keep an eye out when you’re searching the stacks. You never know what you might find!

Marvel Comics #1 – Introduction of The Human Torch and Submariner

Marvel also hit the scene in 1939 and produced the rarest comic book in the world. Supposedly, there are only 26 issues left of the original printing. One recently hit the market and sold for $1.2 million. I wouldn’t expect to find a copy in my attic, but who knows!

Amazing Fantasy #15 – Introduction of Spider-Man

While not as rare as some on the list, Spider-Man is incredibly popular, and a pristine condition of this issue from the 1960s sold for $1.1 million. This is your best bet when searching for rare comics to sell on the market. There should be hundreds of issues available in decent condition because, by the 1960s, people had already started cultivating and caring for their collections.

All-Star Comics #8 – Introduction of Wonder Woman

Bringing us the heroine we all know and love, this 1948 issue featured Wonder Woman. She wasn’t the star, like most of her male cohorts, but she’s risen so high in popularity that an issue of this comic recently sold for $936 thousand. It warms our comic-loving hearts to know that her introduction rests amongst the greatest of all time.

Batman #1 – Introduction of Catwoman and Joker

As far as arch-nemesis and love interests go, this issue features some of the most well-known of all time. It was issued in the 1940s for $0.10 and recently sold for over $567,000. Every serious Batman lover has seen this cover, and many such people are constantly searching for one to complete their collections.

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