What Should I Buy at Army Surplus?


Once you begin buying army surplus, you’ll never go back. The quality of the materials is so high and lasts so long that items produced strictly for civilians no longer make the cut when you need durability at a low price. The US government contracts with some of the best companies to get quality materials for our troops. Once they’re auctioned off to surplus stores and made available to the average Joe, it makes sense to take advantage of the technological advances.

So which items should you purchase from an army surplus store? If you’re not concerned about fashion or the army style that fits your vibe, everything from duffel bags to boots is a great choice. We’re going to list a few top-rated items in both categories, so you know exactly what to look for when you get ready to buy.

Army Surplus Bags to Buy

Digital Camouflage 3 Day MOLLE Tactical Backpack

Price: $62.99

If you need to carry a ton of storage easily, a tactical backpack consists of one large inner compartment with a zipper storage pouch on the outside. It’s perfect for hikers and survivalists. The MOLLE webbing along the outer facade helps attach several items to the bag, nearly doubling the carry capabilities, and the durable 600 Denier polyester means it can handle some severe wear and tear.

Fox MOLLE Jumbo Deployment Bag

Price: $39.95

Fox Tactical is well known for its quality, and this bag is no different. While it’s relatively compact, at just 15” in length, it can be worn several ways, making it an excellent choice for traveling long distances. The multiple storage compartments make it easy to separate your items, and you know the zippers, compartments, and seams will last due to the manufacturer’s reputation.

Fox Outdoor Advanced Hydro Assault Tactical Backpack

Price: $82.99

If you combine the functionality of the backpack above with the compartments and durability of the duffle bag, you get the Advanced Hydro. The compartments are modular, meaning you can configure the pack in any way you’d like. It also has enhanced shoulder pads and load disbursement technology to remain comfortable over long distances.

Army Surplus Boots to Buy

Carolina Kharthoum 8-inch Insulated Waterproof Work Boot


While the price may seem high, a pair of boots like these will last you a lifetime. Remember, even clothing in the military uses the best technology, and these boots are no exception.  They are packed with high technology fibers made to ensure your feet stay dry and warm regardless of what you get up to at work or home.

Bates Tactical Sport 2 Tall Side-Zip Coyote Military Tactical Boot


The combined coyote suede leather and polyester construction create one of the best boots on the market for the price. They have reinforced stitching throughout while remaining lightweight and comfortable for everyday wear. It’s the perfect boot for climbers and hikers with a 90-degree heel.

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